Asia - Pacific Medical Center Bacolod, Inc.

(Formerly Allied Care Experts Medical Center – Bacolod, Inc.)

Annual Stockholders’ Meeting 2022



2022 Proxy Form
01 – Notice and Agenda of the 6th Annual Stockholders’ Meeting
03 – Explanation of Agenda Items
04 – 2022 Proposed Resolutions
05- Highlights of the Rules of Conduct
06 – APMC Bacolod, Inc. SEC Form 20-IS Definitive Information Statement
07 – Summary of Annexes of Definitive Information Statement
Annex A – Requirements and Procedure for Electronic Voting in Absentia and Participation via Remote Communication
Annex B – 2022-2023 Directors and Executive Officers Profile
Annex C – Final List of Candidates
Annex C1 – 2023 Candidates Profile
Annex D – Certificate of Qualification of Dr. Alben Teodoro T. Abad
Annex D1 – Certificate of Qualification of Dr. Joseline C. Encarnacion
Annex D2 – Certificate of Qualification of Dr. John Clifton U. Martyr
Annex E – Audited Financial Statements of 31 December 2022
Annex E1 – Independent Auditor’s Profile (Mendoza Querido and Co.)
Annex E2 – Engagement of Independent Auditor (Mendoza Querido and Co.)
Annex F – Minutes of the last ASM on 24 July 2021
Annex G – Management Report
Annex H – Updates on the Construction of the Hospital as 30 of June 2022
Annex I – Material Information on the Current Stockholders
Annex J – Board Attendance Report
Annex K – Board Appraisal / Performance Report
Annex K1 – Board Appraisal / Performance Report (SUPPLEMENTAL)
Annex L – Board Compensation Report
Annex N – APMC Bacolod SEC 17-Q 1st Q 2022
Definitive Information Statement